2017-03-31  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2546: use class loading lock for synchronization
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2574: fix supported locales default value
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2574: fix properties file name for Bokmål translation
2017-03-29  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number after preview release
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-841: don't try to interpret date strings when... 5.5.0-alpha-1
2017-03-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: fix and clean up implementation
2017-03-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: another JavaDoc fix
2017-03-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: fix topos in JavaDoc comments
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-09  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: rewrite some of tapestry-json based upon...
2017-03-09  Jochen Kemnadealways specify a charset when reading an InputStream
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgade Gradle wrapper
2017-03-03  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2573: upgrade Closure Compiler
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade SLF4J
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadefix deprecation warning
2017-01-14  Bob HarnerTAP5-2570 fix some javadoc errors related to Session...
2016-11-10  Jochen Kemnadeuse PostInjection instead of PostConstruct to avoid...
2016-11-10  Jochen Kemnaderemove unused import
2016-10-04  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Moment.js
2016-09-22  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-22  Jochen KemnadeGradle 3 insists that we specify destinations for repor...
2016-09-22  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2565, TAP5-2496: always use name() when coercing...
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeRevert "upgrade Gradle wrapper"
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeRevert "upgrade Gradle wrapper"
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade closure compiler
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2478: short-circuit in getIfExists if there is...
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnaderemove unused sonar plugin
2016-09-05  Bob HarnerFixed TAP5-2561 (BeanDisplay documentation needs to...
2016-08-09  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Bootstrap to 3.3.7
2016-07-25  Michael MikhulyaTAP5-2545, TAP5-2557: reduce lock-contention during...
2016-07-22  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade to the last version of hibernate-validator...
2016-07-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: SLF4J is on the testRuntime classpath only
2016-07-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: create deprecated versions of the old classe...
2016-07-21  Jochen Kemnadedos2unix, tab2spaces
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadeincrease output rate in CI
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade commons-fileupload
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadereally update Gradle wrapper
2016-07-15  kaoskoMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-07-15  kaoskoTAP5-2556: Upgrade Hibernate to 5.1 for T5.5
2016-07-14  Jochen Kemnadefix tests
2016-07-14  Jochen Kemnadedon't use String.format for logging
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2449: sort the class's own property descriptors...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2449, TAP5-1493: add the interfaces to the queue...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2327: fix NullPointerException
2016-07-14  Barry BooksTAP-2327: add support for httpOnly cookies and setting...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: upgrade embedded Tomcat and Jetty versions
2016-07-13  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2449: PropertyConduitSource can't see Java 8 defau...
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade wro4j
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade closure compiler
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Selenium
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade require.js
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Moment.js
2016-07-13  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-07-08  kaoskoTAP5-2556: Upgrade Hibernate to 5.2 for T5.5
2016-07-08  kaoskoTAP5-2554: Using Confirm mixin in conjunction with...
2016-07-08  kaoskoTAP5-2555: Add an okClass parameter to Confirm mixin
2016-06-08  kaoskoTAP5-2553: Support pseudo nested JPA transactions etc.
2016-05-18  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Moment.js
2016-04-26  kaoskoTAP5-2544: Using JPA EntityManager without explicit...
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade closure compiler
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnaderemove obsolete dependency
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadeadapt to new signature
2016-04-19  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2327: upgrade to servlet-api 3.0.1
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadefix Geb/Spock/Groovy version incompatibility
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadefix compile error
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadeadd direct dependency on commons-lang 3
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnaderemove gradle.properties file. It was time to change...
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadeoverride the install step, we don't want Travis to...
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadefix import
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadeupdate SLF4J, Geb, and Selenium
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnaderemove JDK 6 Travis build configuration
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnaderequire Java 1.8
2016-04-19  Jochen Kemnadethe next version will probably be 5.5.0-alpha-1
2016-04-18  kaoskoUpdate version number to 5.5.0
2016-04-15  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2238: fix redirection if context path is not empty
2016-03-21  Emmanuel DEMEYTAP5-1962 (Grid JavaDoc - Explain how to use the Proper...
2016-03-16  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2016-03-15  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade rhino 5.4.1
2016-03-15  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade SLF4J
2016-03-15  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-03-15  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2524: don't replace 0% with 0 during CSS minificat...
2016-03-15  kaoskoFIXED - TAP5-2027: EntityManagerObjectProvider always...
2016-03-14  kaoskoFIXED - TAP5-2499: Race condition in
2016-03-14  kaoskoFIXED - TAP5-2525: Tapestry-Hibernate integration incom...
2016-03-08  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2523: Upgrade Moment.js to 2.12.0
2016-03-07  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2537: avoid an IllegalStateException when trying...
2016-03-06  Emmanuel DEMEYTAP5-2033 Grid and Zone XDOC Documentations - How to...
2016-02-29  Bob HarnerTAP5-1707 javadoc improvements for RenderNotification...
2016-02-24  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2527: Upgrade jQuery to 1.12.1
2016-02-16  Bob HarnerFixed TAP5-2531 (OperationTracker doesn't report path...
2016-02-16  Bob HarnerAdded .groovy folder to .gitignore
2016-02-16  Matthias NöblTAP5-1837: NPE on registry startup when using tapestry...
2016-02-11  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-02-11  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-1886: fix indexOf call