3 days ago  Jochen Kemnadework around build timeouts master
4 days ago  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2585: remove useless ternary
4 days ago  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2585: Fix whitespace check
4 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
4 days ago  Michael Mikhulyareduce lock-contention during page loading #2 5.5.0-alpha-7
6 days ago  Jochen KemnadeRevert "use WebDriver directly"
6 days ago  Jochen KemnadeRevert "clear the field before sending the new keys"
6 days ago  Jochen Kemnadewe don't need geckodriver since we're disabling marionette
6 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeclear the field before sending the new keys
6 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeuse WebDriver directly
9 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
9 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeincrement versionn number 5.5.0-alpha-6
9 days ago  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2589: improve data source handling if the pager...
9 days ago  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2589: extend interface with methods that ease...
11 days ago  Jochen Kemnaderestore the old constructor 5.5.0-alpha-5
11 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade SLF4J 5.5.0-alpha-4
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadecache downloaded webdriver binaries
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Spock
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeallow to specify the language version to use for the...
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade dependencies
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadeupdate source levels
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadestick with the latest ESR
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnademake sure that a recent Firefox is available for the...
12 days ago  Jochen KemnadeUpgrade Selenium and Geb
12 days ago  Jochen Kemnadefix test
2017-10-06  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2017-10-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP-2588: also test with JDK 9
2017-10-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2588: upgrade ASM to 6.0
2017-04-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2580: don't override defaults for SymbolConstants...
2017-04-19  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2578: restore constructor signature from before...
2017-04-06  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: use a check that works if jQuery is not... 5.5.0-alpha-3
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: properly handle ElementWrapper instances
2017-04-06  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: fix Prototype implementation
2017-04-06  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: fixing test and fixing missing return in...
2017-04-05  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: adding test.
2017-04-05  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number after preview release
2017-04-04  Thiago H. de... Merge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache... 5.5.0-alpha-2
2017-04-04  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: fixing @PublishEvent JavaDoc
2017-04-04  Jochen Kemnadeavoid some unnecessary String concatenation if there...
2017-04-03  Jochen KemnadeRevert "increment version number after preview release"
2017-04-03  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number after preview release
2017-04-03  Jochen Kemnadeswitch to unshaded closure compiler
2017-04-02  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225: fixing getEventUrl and improving @PublishEve...
2017-03-31  Barry BooksTAP-2532 Add property editor for object
2017-03-31  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2546: register PlasticClassLoader as parallel...
2017-03-31  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2546: use class loading lock for synchronization
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2574: fix supported locales default value
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2574: fix properties file name for BokmÃ¥l translation
2017-03-29  Jochen Kemnadeincrement version number after preview release
2017-03-29  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-841: don't try to interpret date strings when... 5.5.0-alpha-1
2017-03-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2225: fix and clean up implementation
2017-03-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: another JavaDoc fix
2017-03-20  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: fix topos in JavaDoc comments
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-19  Thiago H. de... TAP5-2225
2017-03-09  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2575: rewrite some of tapestry-json based upon...
2017-03-09  Jochen Kemnadealways specify a charset when reading an InputStream
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgade Gradle wrapper
2017-03-03  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2573: upgrade Closure Compiler
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade SLF4J
2017-03-03  Jochen Kemnadefix deprecation warning
2017-01-14  Bob HarnerTAP5-2570 fix some javadoc errors related to Session...
2016-11-10  Jochen Kemnadeuse PostInjection instead of PostConstruct to avoid...
2016-11-10  Jochen Kemnaderemove unused import
2016-10-04  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Moment.js
2016-09-22  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-22  Jochen KemnadeGradle 3 insists that we specify destinations for repor...
2016-09-22  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2565, TAP5-2496: always use name() when coercing...
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeRevert "upgrade Gradle wrapper"
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeRevert "upgrade Gradle wrapper"
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade closure compiler
2016-09-12  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2478: short-circuit in getIfExists if there is...
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Gradle wrapper
2016-09-12  Jochen Kemnaderemove unused sonar plugin
2016-09-05  Bob HarnerFixed TAP5-2561 (BeanDisplay documentation needs to...
2016-08-09  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade Bootstrap to 3.3.7
2016-07-25  Michael MikhulyaTAP5-2545, TAP5-2557: reduce lock-contention during...
2016-07-22  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade to the last version of hibernate-validator...
2016-07-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: SLF4J is on the testRuntime classpath only
2016-07-21  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: create deprecated versions of the old classe...
2016-07-21  Jochen Kemnadedos2unix, tab2spaces
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadeincrease output rate in CI
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadeupgrade commons-fileupload
2016-07-20  Jochen Kemnadereally update Gradle wrapper
2016-07-15  kaoskoMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-07-15  kaoskoTAP5-2556: Upgrade Hibernate to 5.1 for T5.5
2016-07-14  Jochen Kemnadefix tests
2016-07-14  Jochen Kemnadedon't use String.format for logging
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2449: sort the class's own property descriptors...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2449, TAP5-1493: add the interfaces to the queue...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2327: fix NullPointerException
2016-07-14  Barry BooksTAP-2327: add support for httpOnly cookies and setting...
2016-07-14  Jochen KemnadeTAP5-2548: upgrade embedded Tomcat and Jetty versions