47 hours ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI master
7 days ago  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1311] Feature provided
7 days ago  skylark17Upgrading ConnId SCIM v1.1 connector
8 days ago  skylark17White noise
8 days ago  skylark17Added support for SCIM v1.1
9 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading maven-war-plugin
11 days ago  dayash[SYNCOPE-1018] self registration for OpenID Connect...
12 days ago  dayash[SYNCOPE-1270] OpenID Connect Logout implementation...
13 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring Security
13 days ago  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring
2018-05-08  Francesco ChicchiriccòEnsuring order for console extensions
2018-05-08  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1270] Upgrade CXF to get OIDC fix for Azure...
2018-05-07  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1308] Now working fine with latest PostgreSQL...
2018-05-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòForgot to add some docs about SYNCOPE-1143
2018-05-07  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tomcat and Camel
2018-05-03  dayash[SYNCOPE-1270] implementation for OpenID Connect for...
2018-05-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Angular Translate
2018-05-02  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI and maven-resources-plugin
2018-04-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading PostgreSQL JDBC
2018-04-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading maven-site-plugin and JUnit
2018-04-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdding info and samples for sorting search results
2018-04-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tika
2018-04-26  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1307] Forcing tree visit for Realms to ensure...
2018-04-26  dayash[SYNCOPE-1306] fixing date value without conversion...
2018-04-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-04-23  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1304] Correct referece to userOwner_id / group...
2018-04-23  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading JUnit 5
2018-04-23  lorenzoSYNCOPE-1303: fix content migration from 1.2 to 2.0...
2018-04-23  Francesco ChicchiriccòUsing MS Open Source JDBC Driver for SQL Server
2018-04-23  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-938] Maximizing usage of Optional#ifPresent
2018-04-23  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading AspectJ
2018-04-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-04-20  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1300] ignoreCase checks implemented both durin...
2018-04-19  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch client and Groovy
2018-04-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading ConnId Azure connector
2018-04-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòReviewing website to comply with ASF policies - see...
2018-04-18  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrade swagger-jaxrs2
2018-04-18  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1299] Small cleanup
2018-04-17  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1299] Console features implemented
2018-04-17  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading JUnit (no more SNAPSHOTs)
2018-04-17  Francesco ChicchiriccòSmall polish
2018-04-13  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP
2018-04-13  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1302] Fix to handle multiple attribute values
2018-04-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1299] Reworking REST service definition to...
2018-04-13  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1301] Reworking logic to avoid conficts
2018-04-12  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1302] Added new expression model in mapping...
2018-04-12  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1299] Core implementation
2018-04-12  Francesco ChicchiriccòReworking 'Set admin credentials'
2018-04-10  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading maven-jar-plugin
2018-04-10  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1298] Now TaskService#listJobs also reports...
2018-04-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading LMAX Disruptor and JUnit
2018-04-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Tomcat
2018-04-09  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-04-09  Isuranga Perera[SYNCOPE-1296] fixed - This closes #69
2018-04-06  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading maven-dependency-plugin
2018-04-06  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting to latest validation requirements from Swagger UI
2018-04-05  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Spring and Spring Security
2018-04-05  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading to Flowable 6.3.0 (and its new Modeler)
2018-04-05  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1288] Task lists are now correctly sortable
2018-04-05  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1293] Explicitly allow token Vs comparison
2018-04-04  Marco Di Sabatino... [SYNCOPE-1294] PlainSchemaDetailsPanel doesn't display...
2018-04-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1287] Documentation
2018-04-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1287] Console implementation
2018-04-04  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1292] Implementation provided
2018-04-03  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading HikariCP and AspectJ
2018-04-03  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting JRebel conf to new style
2018-04-03  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1254] Fighting (and losing) with Java 8 lambda
2018-04-03  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1291] Clean up cached services in case of...
2018-03-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòIn coherence with SYNCOPE-1287, replace approvals'...
2018-03-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-956] Fix checkstyle
2018-03-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdding references to ConnId Connector Bundles coming...
2018-03-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-956] Restoring 'pure' classNames behavior...
2018-03-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòHopefully more stable Maven Central badge
2018-03-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1289] missing files
2018-03-30  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1289] YAML support provided
2018-03-30  Francesco ChicchiriccòHopefully more stable Maven Central badge
2018-03-29  Francesco ChicchiriccòCleanup
2018-03-29  skylark17[SYNCOPE-1148] Added new option for SAML extension...
2018-03-28  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1287] Core implementation
2018-03-28  Marco Di Sabatino... Removed unused variable
2018-03-28  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading swagger-jaxrs2 - with possible bug https...
2018-03-27  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Jackson
2018-03-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòWhite noise: format
2018-03-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading CXF
2018-03-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòRemoving unused method
2018-03-26  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading PDFBox
2018-03-23  Francesco ChicchiriccòInstall GIT in AppVeyor
2018-03-23  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Swagger UI
2018-03-23  skylark17Updated Azure ConnId bundle version
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Camel
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòIncrease readability (and possibly efficiency)
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Commons Text
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòRemoving relic test dependency
2018-03-22  Francesco Chicchiriccò[SYNCOPE-1285] Now performing Quartz db init only if...
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading Elasticsearch client
2018-03-22  Francesco ChicchiriccòUpgrading to CXF 3.2.4-SNAPSHOT as fix for CXF-7670
2018-03-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòIgnoring test until CXF-7670 gets fixed
2018-03-21  skylark17Some fixes and code improvements for Azure PropagationA...
2018-03-21  Francesco ChicchiriccòAdjusting checkstyle for temporarty class ResourceUtils
2018-03-20  Francesco ChicchiriccòTemporary adding CXF's ResourceUtils