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last changeTue, 20 Feb 2018 13:51:30 +0000 (07:51 -0600)
2 hours ago  Kent Yao[SPARK-23383][BUILD][MINOR] Make a distribution should... master
4 hours ago  Bruce Robbins[SPARK-23240][PYTHON] Better error message when extrane...
7 hours ago  Ryan Blue[SPARK-23203][SQL] DataSourceV2: Use immutable logical...
9 hours ago  Marco Gaido[SPARK-23436][SQL] Infer partition as Date only if...
10 hours ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-23457][SQL] Register task completion listeners...
3 days ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-23340][SQL] Upgrade Apache ORC to 1.4.3
3 days ago  Kris Mok[SPARK-23447][SQL] Cleanup codegen template for Literal
3 days ago  Shintaro Murakami[SPARK-23381][CORE] Murmur3 hash generates a different...
3 days ago  Tathagata Das[SPARK-23362][SS] Migrate Kafka Microbatch source to v2
3 days ago  hyukjinkwon[SPARK-23446][PYTHON] Explicitly check supported types...
4 days ago  “attilapiros”[SPARK-23413][UI] Fix sorting tasks by Host / Executor...
4 days ago  Liang-Chi Hsieh[SPARK-23377][ML] Fixes Bucketizer with multiple column...
4 days ago  Dongjoon Hyun[MINOR][SQL] Fix an error message about inserting into...
4 days ago  Dongjoon Hyun[SPARK-23426][SQL] Use `hive` ORC impl and disable...
5 days ago  Marcelo Vanzin[INFRA] Close stale PRs.
5 days ago  Gabor Somogyi[SPARK-23422][CORE] YarnShuffleIntegrationSuite fix...
3 days ago v2.3.0-rc4
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5 weeks ago v2.3.0-rc1
2 months ago v2.2.1
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4 months ago v2.1.2
4 months ago v2.1.2-rc4
4 months ago v2.1.2-rc3
4 months ago v2.1.2-rc2
5 months ago v2.1.2-rc1
7 months ago v2.2.0
9 months ago v2.1.1
14 months ago v2.1.0
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