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last changeThu, 21 Sep 2017 22:36:12 +0000 (00:36 +0200)
4 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-303] Rewrote the JavaDoc für EnvironmentPropert... master proposal/better-java-8-support-in-the-api
5 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-303] Coverage is now at 52%.
5 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-303] Update of PIT (1.2.2 -> 1.2.3).
5 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Fixed the configuration of the PIT Maven...
5 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-303] Implementation of EnvironmentPropertySourc...
6 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Updated the running-mutation-tests.adoc.
8 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Required coverage is now 51%.
8 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-289] Wrote tests to raise the coverage.
9 days ago  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-295: Update jacoco.
9 days ago  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-287: Fix maven warning
10 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-289] The tests of BannerManagerTest cause PIT...
10 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Unifed configuration.
10 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Update of org.pitest:pitest-maven (1.1...
10 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Set coverage threshold and mutation covera...
10 days ago  Oliver B. Fischer[TAMAYA-288] Added the profile coverage to check the...
2017-08-13  Oliver B. FischerMerge branch 'release-0.3-incubating'
4 months ago release-0.3-incubating
17 months ago release-0.2-incubating Added released tag.
2 years ago write_attributes
2 years ago release-0.1-incubating [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
43 hours ago java8
4 days ago master
4 days ago proposal/better-java-8-support-in-the-api
6 weeks ago release-0.3-incubating
11 months ago branch_to_park_examples_before_we_will_move_them
14 months ago tamaya-next
17 months ago release-0.2-incubating
17 months ago release-02-incubating
17 months ago tamaya-0.2-incubating
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