descriptionApache Tamaya
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 20 Sep 2018 19:36:34 +0000 (21:36 +0200)
2018-09-20  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-349: Ensure Tamaya builds on JDK 9-11 master
2018-09-12  Aaron CoburnTAMAYA-349: Ensure Tamaya builds on JDK 11
2018-07-21  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-346: Update to latest ASF root pom
2018-07-10  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-273 Tamaya logs initial setup on startup on...
2018-07-10  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-305 Removed useless OSGI component annotation...
2018-07-10  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-344 Removed unnecessary lazy activation policy.
2018-07-10  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-344 Added lazy activation policy to API/core.
2018-06-28  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-343 Added import for javax.annotation.
2018-06-10  Phil OttlingerMerge branch 'TAMAYA-340-regex-bugfix' of https://githu...
2018-06-10  William LieuranceTAMAYA-340 Bugfix for regex "\\." vs literal "."
2018-06-09  Phil OttlingerFix warnings, add type info.
2018-06-05  Phil OttlingerReformat to fix intendation
2018-06-05  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-340: Eliminate sysout from test
2018-06-05  Phil OttlingerTAMAYA-340: Use constants across whole class
2018-06-05  Anatole TreschTAMAYA-340 Enhanced environment property resolution.
2018-05-05  Oliver B. FischerRemoval of the no longer needed jqassistant directory.
16 months ago release-0.3-incubating
2 years ago release-0.2-incubating Added released tag.
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3 years ago release-0.1-incubating [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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12 months ago proposal/better-java-8-support-in-the-api
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