11 days ago  Jonas PfefferleCheckstyle: rename style file master
11 days ago  Jonas PfefferleCheckstyle plugin
11 days ago  Jonas PfefferleCheckstyle plugin with google style
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleApache parent pom
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleDocumentation: remove logo
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleDocumentation: Spark-IO
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleDocumentation: HDFS Adapter
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleDocumentation: iobench & fsck
12 days ago  Jonas PfefferleDocumentation: readthedocs Documentation
2018-09-04  Patrick StuediAdjusting to latest DiSNI/DaRPC (v1.7)
2018-08-14  Jonas PfefferleDocker: fix cache hugepage requirement
2018-08-14  Jonas PfefferleDocker build: TCP and RDMA tier
2018-07-05  Jonas PfefferleNVMf: new jNVMf version 1.4
2018-06-26  Patrick StuediThrow more meaningful exception if datapath is invalid...
2018-06-25  Patrick StuediMake sure statistics are updated across all classes...
2018-06-25  Patrick StuediDelegate implementation of CrailHDFS to CrailHadoopFile...
2018-06-22  Patrick StuediAdding extra config parameters to control backlog and...
2018-06-21  Patrick StuediAdjustments to comply with DiSNI v1.6 and DaRPC v1.6
2018-06-21  Jonas PfefferleScripts: fix log/pid file for multiple datanodes
2018-06-20  Jonas PfefferleScripts: add
2018-06-20  Jonas PfefferleStart script: remove heap size argument
2018-06-20  Patrick StuediCheck for already existing cache directory with the...
2018-06-20  Patrick StuediIntroducing StorageUtils as a common ground for storage...
2018-06-19  Patrick StuediMake default configuration easier to run
2018-05-15  Jonas PfefferleMove release date in HISTORY v1.0
2018-05-15  Jonas PfefferleApache incubator disclaimer
2018-05-15  Jonas PfefferleMove IBM copyright NOTICE to CREDITS file
2018-05-07  Jonas PfefferleNVMf: decrease keep alive interval
2018-05-07  Jonas PfefferleNVMf: fix staging buffer cache get race condition
2018-05-03  Jonas PfefferleNVMf: staging buffer cache clear buffer
2018-05-03  Jonas PfefferleNVMf: staging buffer cache existing entry bug
2018-04-23  Jonas PfefferleREADME: give all three options to download src
2018-04-23  Jonas PfefferleMove HISTORY release date
2018-04-23  Jonas PfefferleREADME: build from source distro
2018-04-23  Jonas PfefferleCopyright NOTICE: change to use actual year
2018-04-18  Jonas PfefferleMove release date in HISTORY
2018-04-16  Jonas PfefferleAdd license header to md files
2018-04-16  Jonas PfefferleMove copyright notice to NOTICE file.
2018-04-13  Jonas PfefferleFix LICENSE file
2018-04-13  Jonas PfefferleCheck licenses with apache-rat
2018-04-13  Jonas PfefferleAdd missing license headers
2018-04-12  Jonas Pfefferlev1.0 release history
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleREADME: update NVMf tier constants
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNew jNVMf version 1.3
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNew DiSNI and DaRPC version
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleCrail internal version to 3100
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfUnalignedWriteFuture: refactoring
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageEndpoint: Number of logical blocks fix type
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStagingBufferCache: enhance excpetion message
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageConstants: Allocation size integer
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageClient: isValid -> isAlive
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageClient: getEndpointGroup private
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmf Tier: keep alive timer constant
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageClient: number of LBAs
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfRegisteredBufferCache: simplify
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageEndpoint: too many outstanding requests
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfFuture: fix concurrency bug
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageClient: keep alive thread
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStagingBufferCache: fix allocation
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNvmfStorageTier: fix to work with new jNVMf API
2018-04-10  Jonas PfefferleNew NVMf storage tier: use jNVMf library
2018-04-04  Jonas PfefferleCrailStore: refactor alloc/free buffer interface
2018-04-03  Jonas PfefferleBufferCache: use new interface in buffer cache
2018-03-29  Jonas PfefferleStorageClient: provide statistics and buffer cache
2018-03-28  Jonas PfefferleBufferedOutputStream: align CoreStream position
2018-03-28  Jonas PfefferleInclude test-jars and dependencies in assembly
2018-03-02  Radu StoicaConfiguration: environment variable expansion
2018-02-28  Patrick StuediFixes issue with local short circuit (memcpy) path...
2018-02-26  Patrick StuediApplications can now choose on a per node basis (files...
2018-02-23  Patrick StuediNarpc: enable multiple core dispatcher
2018-02-23  Patrick StuediDataNodeInfo.key() was not updated when the object...
2018-02-21  Animesh Trivedi[BUILD] Moving the default build to hadoop 2.7.3
2018-02-21  Animesh TrivediUpdating, how to contribute to Crail
2018-02-21  Animesh TrivediFixing CRAIL-4 JIRA ticket
2018-01-22  Patrick StuediAdjusting README (github links, source code links)
2018-01-19  Patrick StuediFixes bug when using the TCP RPC binding together with...
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediMoving to DaRPC and DiSNI v1.4
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediSupport configuration with cachelimit=0
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediAdjusting license and configuration (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediRenaming artifacts (Apache)
2018-01-18  Patrick StuediApache package renaming
2018-01-09  Patrick StuediTCP based RPC and storage backend
2017-12-20  Patrick StuediFixing bug with invalid flag not passed when writing...
2017-12-18  follitudetiny fix
2017-12-06  Patrick StuediRemoving old key/value interface
2017-11-30  Jonas PfefferleNvmf storage tier: target independence
2017-11-22  Patrick StuediSupport for key/value files and tables
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupport for persisting namenode
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediSupporting restart of datanodes
2017-11-06  Patrick StuediAdding logical block address information
2017-10-27  Patrick StuediUpdate
2017-10-25  Patrick StuediMerge pull request #22 from animeshtrivedi/master
2017-09-19  Patrick Stuedimoving to Disni 1.3 and DaRPC 1.3
2017-09-15  Patrick StuediMake sure storage properties are set when initializing...
2017-09-13  Patrick StuediFix bug in random read benchmark when switching between...
2017-09-13  Animesh Trivediwrong returned data type for float
2017-09-08  Animesh TrivediMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-08  Patrick StuediKeyValue client benchmark
2017-09-06  Patrick StuediCleaning up Storage and RPC interfaces
2017-09-06  Patrick Stuedi(a) Fixing hash function when dispatching multiple...