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last changeFri, 15 Sep 2017 12:25:30 +0000 (14:25 +0200)
8 days ago  Denes ArvayFix source assembly trunk
8 days ago  Bessenyei Balázs... Add and doap_Flume.rdf to the generated relea...
10 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-3164. Update version to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT in pom...
10 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-3166. Update LICENSE
10 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-3178. Update RELEASE-NOTES for 1.8.0
10 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-3168. Update CHANGELOG for 1.8.0
10 days ago  Ferenc SzaboChanging javax.jms to geronimo jms spec
10 days ago  Denes ArvaySet the copyright date dynamically in documentation...
10 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-3175. Turn off doclint for javadoc generation
11 days ago  Tristan StevensFLUME-3046. Kafka Sink and Source Configuration Improve...
11 days ago  Denes ArvayFix NetCat UDP Source table in FlumeUserGuide.rst
11 days ago  Miklos CsanadyFLUME-3173. Upgrade joda-time to 2.9.9
12 days ago  Denes ArvayFLUME-1520. Timestamp interceptor should support custom...
12 days ago  Ferenc SzaboFLUME-3127. Upgrade libfb303 library dependency
2017-09-04  Robin WangFLUME-3156. Update example configuration of Kafka Sink
2017-09-04  TeddyBear1314Fix an infinite recursion in SourceConfiguration
8 days ago release-1.8.0-rc2 Apache Flume 1.8.0 RC2
10 days ago release-1.8.0-rc1 Apache Flume 1.8.0 RC1
11 months ago release-1.7.0 Apache Flume 1.7.0
11 months ago release-1.7.0-rc2
11 months ago release-1.7.0-rc1 Apache Flume 1.7.0-rc1
2 years ago release-1.6.0 Apache Flume 1.6.0 release.
2 years ago release-1.5.2 Apache Flume 1.5.2 release.
2 years ago release-1.5.1 Apache Flume 1.5.1 Release
3 years ago release- Apache Flume release.
3 years ago release-1.5.0 Apache Flume 1.5.0 release.
4 years ago release-1.4.0 Apache Flume 1.4.0 release.
4 years ago release-1.3.1 Apache Flume 1.3.1 release.
4 years ago release-1.3.0 Apache Flume 1.3.0 release.
5 years ago flume-1.2.0 flume-1.2.0
5 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc1 flume-1.2.0-rc1
5 years ago flume-1.2.0-rc0 flume-1.2.0-rc0
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