descriptionApache Commons RNG
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3 days ago  GillesAdd missing file.
3 days ago  GillesProfile-triggering files to enable Clirr from CP POM.
3 days ago  GillesRemove redundant or problematic configurations.
3 days ago  GillesPreparing v1.2 release.
3 days ago  GillesRelease candidate.
3 days ago  GillesIntroduce property for changing the JVM used to run...
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3 days ago  GillesFix documentation (release process).
9 days ago  GillesUpdate next version number.
12 days ago  GillesNew reporting utility (API change checker).
12 days ago  GillesRNG-63: Deprecate obsolete methods.
2018-11-23  GillesTrack changes.
2018-11-23  GillesMerge branch 'RNG-64__alex'
2018-11-23  GillesJavadoc.
3 days ago RNG_1_2_RC2 RC2.
7 days ago RNG_1_2_RC1 RC1.
3 months ago RNG_1_1 Promoting RC7 to 1.1
3 months ago RNG_1_1_RC7 Staging commons-rng-1.1-RC7
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC6 Tagging commons-rng-1.1-RC6
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC5 Prepare commons-rng-1.1-RC5
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC4 Preparing commons-rng-1.1-RC4
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC3 Re-preparing commons-rng-1.1-RC3
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC2 Prepare commons-rng-1.1-RC2
4 months ago RNG_1_1_RC1 Prepare for release 1.1
23 months ago RNG_1_0 RC6 becomes v1.0 official release.
2 years ago RNG_1_0_RC6 RC6.
2 years ago RNG_1_0_RC5 RC5.
2 years ago RNG_1_0_RC4 RC4.
2 years ago RNG_1_0_RC3 RC3.
2 years ago RNG_1_0_RC2 RC1.
80 min ago master
3 days ago 1.2-release
3 months ago 1.1
2 years ago 1.0-release