descriptionApache Commons RNG
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 14 Aug 2018 13:38:20 +0000 (09:38 -0400)
23 hours ago  Rob TompkinsAdding back 1.2 to changes.xml, merging around removed it master
23 hours ago  Rob TompkinsMerge branch '1.1'
23 hours ago  Rob Tompkins1.1 -> 1.2-SNAPSHOT
24 hours ago  Rob TompkinsUpdates for publishing the site
4 days ago  GillesJavadoc.
4 days ago  GillesTabs.
4 days ago  Rob TompkinsPreparing 1.1 RC7 1.1 RNG_1_1 RNG_1_1_RC7
4 days ago  Rob TompkinsMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
4 days ago  GillesRNG-53: Deprecate class "SamplerBase".
5 days ago  Rob TompkinsRevert "Adding PoissonSampler deprecations. Use the...
6 days ago  Rob TompkinsAdding PoissonSampler deprecations. Use the correct...
7 days ago  GillesReinstate base class to avoid BC breaking.
7 days ago  GillesReinstate base class to avoid BC breaking.
8 days ago  Rob TompkinsRC5 -> RC6 RNG_1_1_RC6
9 days ago  Rob TompkinsRELEASE-NOTES.txt, changes to add RNG-50, and make...
9 days ago  Rob TompkinsMerge in master
23 hours ago RNG_1_1 Promoting RC7 to 1.1
4 days ago RNG_1_1_RC7 Staging commons-rng-1.1-RC7
8 days ago RNG_1_1_RC6 Tagging commons-rng-1.1-RC6
13 days ago RNG_1_1_RC5 Prepare commons-rng-1.1-RC5
2 weeks ago RNG_1_1_RC4 Preparing commons-rng-1.1-RC4
3 weeks ago RNG_1_1_RC3 Re-preparing commons-rng-1.1-RC3
3 weeks ago RNG_1_1_RC2 Prepare commons-rng-1.1-RC2
3 weeks ago RNG_1_1_RC1 Prepare for release 1.1
20 months ago RNG_1_0 RC6 becomes v1.0 official release.
20 months ago RNG_1_0_RC6 RC6.
20 months ago RNG_1_0_RC5 RC5.
20 months ago RNG_1_0_RC4 RC4.
20 months ago RNG_1_0_RC3 RC3.
22 months ago RNG_1_0_RC2 RC1.
23 months ago RNG_1_0_RC1 RC1.
23 hours ago master
4 days ago 1.1
18 months ago feature__RNG-35
20 months ago 1.0-release