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2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'feature__NUMBERS-51' master
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiJavadoc.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiJacoco trigger file.
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiAdd methods.
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2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiMerge branch 'feature__NUMBERS-51__field' into feature_...
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-54: Create module "commons-numbers-complex...
2018-05-19  Gilles SadowskiRemoved spurious file.
2018-04-30  Gilles SadowskiAdd serial version identifier.
2018-04-25  Gilles SadowskiFixed wrong operator.
2018-04-25  Gilles SadowskiNUMBERS-68: Implement "parse" as the inverse function...
2018-04-24  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-68: Added parse() method to Complex(). TODO...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Deleted RootsOfUnity and RootsOfUnityTest.
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Did not commit all changes in previous...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Test added to nthRoot that proceeds around...
2018-04-23  Eric BarnhillNUMBERS-65: Changed Nth Root test classes to use camel...
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