2018-02-10  Paulo MottaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2 cassandra-2.2.12
2018-02-10  Paulo MottaProtect against overflow of local expiration time cassandra-2.1.20
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2018-01-22  Stefan PodkowinskiRPM: fix permissions for installed jars and config...
2018-01-15  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2018-01-15  Michael KjellmanMore PEP8 compliance for cqlsh
2017-12-14  Benjamin LererFix the inspectJvmOptions startup check
2017-12-12  dimitarndimitrovFix race that prevents submitting compaction for a...
2017-12-12  Benjamin LererRely on the JVM to handle OutOfMemoryErrors
2017-12-11  Marcus ErikssonGrab refs during scrub, index summary redistribution...
2017-10-05  Michael ShulerUpdate version to 2.2.12
2017-10-05  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-10-05  Michael ShulerUpdate version to 2.1.20
2017-09-25  Alex PetrovAdd tests for SuperColumn tables cassandra-2.2.11
2017-09-20  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-09-20  Eduard TudenhoefnerAdd storage port options to sstableloader cassandra-2.1.19
2017-09-15  Jason BrownSafely handle empty buffers when outputting to JSON
2017-09-13  Andrés de... Copy session properties on do_login
2017-09-11  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-09-11  Michael ShulerAdd 2.1.19 release to debian/changelog
2017-09-07  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-09-07  sasayabakuRPM: Change owner to root except for /var
2017-09-05  Jay ZhuangFix load over calculated issue in IndexSummaryRedistrib...
2017-09-04  Jay ZhuangFix compaction and flush exception not captured issue
2017-08-31  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-08-31  Aleksey YeschenkoFix hanging HintedHandOffTest on MacOS
2017-08-30  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-08-30  Marcus ErikssonOnly collect test xml where it exists
2017-08-29  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-08-29  Jason Brownfollowup to CASSANDRA-13700; minor cleanup
2017-08-25  Aleksey YeschenkoMake BatchlogManagerMBean.forceBatchlogReplay() blocking
2017-08-21  Norman MaurerUncaught exceptions in Netty pipeline
2017-08-18  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-08-18  Marcus ErikssonCASSANDRA-13775 followup - use 4 containers still
2017-08-17  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-08-17  Eduard TudenhoefnerCASSANDRA-13775: Remove stress-test target in CircleCI...
2017-08-08  Benjamin LererPrevent integer overflow on exabyte filesystems
2017-07-24  Joel KnightonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-07-24  Joel KnightonClone HeartBeatState when building gossip messages...
2017-07-24  Joel KnightonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-07-24  Joel KnightonIncrement version to 2.1.19
2017-07-14  Benjamin LererFix queries with LIMIT and filtering on clustering...
2017-07-14  Tim LamballaisFix potential NPE when resume bootstrap fails
2017-07-07  ZhaoYangFix toJSONString for the UDT, tuple and collection...
2017-07-07  Benjamin LererFix nested Tuples/UDTs validation
2017-06-26  Michael ShulerIncrement to version 2.2.11
2017-06-21  Joaquin CasaresRemove unused max_value_size_in_mb config setting
2017-06-21  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2 cassandra-2.2.10
2017-06-21  Michael ShulerPrepare 2.2.10 release
2017-06-21  Michael ShulerPrepare 2.1.18 release cassandra-2.1.18
2017-06-15  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-06-15  Michael ShulerSwitch MAT to fetch jars from
2017-06-13  mckNode running with join_ring=false and authentication...
2017-06-06  Kurtcqlsh COPY FROM: increment error count only for failure...
2017-05-31  Benjamin LererRevert "upgrade JNA version to 4.4.0"
2017-05-31  Benjamin Lererupgrade JNA version to 4.4.0
2017-05-18  Martin LanghoffRPM: Add init info stanzas, change startup ordering
2017-05-18  Martin LanghoffRPM - rpmbuild tolerate binaries in noarch, README...
2017-05-10  adelapenaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-05-10  adelapenaFix 2ndary indexes on primary key columns to don't...
2017-05-03  Ariel Weisbergnodetool upgradesstables should upgrade system tables.
2017-04-26  Stefan PodkowinskiFix status check on stopping for rh cassandra script
2017-04-26  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd pidfile directive to redhat cassandra script
2017-04-26  Marcus ErikssonFix NeverPurgeTest - wait for compactions to finish
2017-04-21  Ariel WeisbergMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-21  Ariel WeisbergSet javac encoding to utf-8
2017-04-20  Alex PetrovAvoid starting gossiper in RemoveTest
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-10  Jan UrbańskiAdd conf/hostpot_compiler to debian packaging
2017-04-09  FuudFix weightedSize() for row-cache reported by JMX and...
2017-04-07  Benjamin LererMerge branch cassandra-2.1 into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-07  Andrés de la... Fix 2ndary index queries on partition keys for tables...
2017-04-07  Marcus ErikssonMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-07  Marcus ErikssonMake circleci run more test targets.
2017-04-07  Stefania AlborghettiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-07  Stefania AlborghettiFix ParseError unhashable type list in cqlsh copy from
2017-04-04  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-04-04  Jeff JirsaAdd circle.yml for easier developer build testing
2017-04-03  Alain RastoulFix incorrect jvm metric names
2017-04-03  Marcus ErikssonUse explicit timestamp to avoid getting sstables in...
2017-03-23  Stefan PodkowinskiHonor truststore-password parameter in stress
2017-03-22  Stefan PodkowinskiDiscard in-flight shadow round responses
2017-03-20  Stefan PodkowinskiAvoid anti-compacting repaired sstables
2017-03-16  Simon ZhouWrong logger name in AnticompactionTask
2017-03-13  Jeff JirsaCommitlog replay may fail if last mutation is within...
2017-03-10  Benjamin LererFix queries updating multiple time the same list
2017-03-08  Aleksey YeschenkoFix GRANT/REVOKE when keyspace isn't specified
2017-03-04  Michael Kjellmanorg.apache.cassandra.db.DirectoriesTest(testStandardDir...
2017-03-03  Michael ShulerUpdate ant build dependency to >= 1.9 in deb/rpm
2017-03-02  Michael ShulerFix 2.2 build on byteman-install dependency
2017-03-01  Paulo MottaAvoid race on receiver by starting streaming sender...
2017-03-01  Jeff JirsaMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-03-01  Robert StuppRemove unused repositories
2017-03-01  Ariel WeisbergFix "multiple versions of ant detected..." when running...
2017-02-28  Ariel WeisbergFix CHANGES.txt versions for CASSANDRA-13090.
2017-02-23  Stefania AlborghettiMake sure compaction stats are updated when compaction...
2017-02-23  Marcus Erikssonrun LongLeveledCompactionStrategyTest.testLeveledScanne...
2017-02-22  Márton SalomváryFix failing COPY TO STDOUT
2017-02-22  Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into cassandra-2.2
2017-02-22  Chris BateyLog full stack trace of uncaught exceptions