2013-09-13  Yuki Morishitabackport CASSANDRA-6011 cassandra-1.1
2013-08-08  Jonathan EllisCorrectly validate sparse composite cells
2013-08-06  Jonathan Elliscatch all Throwables, not just Exceptions
2013-06-16  Dave Brosiusfix error message spelling with cql select statements
2013-06-04  Aleksey YeschenkoSet -Djava.awt.headless=true for ant test
2013-05-22  Brandon WilliamsFix 5488 round 2 cassandra-1.1.12
2013-05-22  Sylvain LebresneUpdates news file, version and missing licenses for...
2013-05-22  Dave Brosiusspilleng
2013-05-21  Jonathan EllisRemove buggy thrift max message length option
2013-05-21  Brandon WilliamsFix NPE in Pig's widerow mode.
2013-05-13  Sylvain LebresneBackport #5551 to 1.1
2013-05-10  Aleksey YeschenkoMove CassandraServerTest.test_get_count() to thrift...
2013-05-05  Aleksey YeschenkoNinja-unify 1.1/1.2/2.0 system tests
2013-05-04  Marcus Erikssonfsync leveled manifest to avoid it getting corrupt
2013-05-02  Dave Brosiusexplicitly set java source and target to 1.6 for the...
2013-05-02  Dave BrosiusMerge branch 'cassandra-1.0' into cassandra-1.1
2013-05-02  Dave Brosiusexplicitly set java source and target to 1.6 for the... cassandra-1.0
2013-05-02  Brandon WilliamsGive users a clue how they called it.
2013-04-30  Brandon WilliamsAdd mention of 4321/4411 to NEWS
2013-04-30  Dave Brosiusexclude *-sources.jar from the classpath
2013-04-22  Dave Brosiususe long math for long values
2013-04-19  Jonathan EllisUse allocator information to improve memtable memory...
2013-04-18  Jason Brownadd 5393 to CHANGES.txt
2013-04-18  Jason BrownAdd retry mechanism to OTC for non-droppable_verbs
2013-04-17  Eric Evansfix corrupt changelog
2013-04-17  Eric Evansupdated for 1.1.11 release cassandra-1.1.11
2013-04-15  Dave Brosiusfix message spelling
2013-04-15  Dave Brosiusfix OperationType.UNKNOWN compaction message spelling
2013-04-13  Dave Brosiusreplace mistaken usage of commons-logging with slf4j
2013-04-13  Dave Brosiusminor removal of dead code
2013-04-13  Dave Brosiusmake constant, static
2013-04-12  Jason BrownCASSANDRA-5459: remove node from seeds when it complete...
2013-04-12  Brandon WilliamsRemove synchronization in long-running PCRS
2013-04-10  Jonathan EllisFix trying to load deleted row into row cache on startup
2013-04-05  Aleksey YeschenkoSupport pluggable internode authentication
2013-04-02  Aleksey YeschenkoFix cf name extraction from manifest in Directories...
2013-03-25  Sylvain LebresneFix bad default for min/max timestamp in SSTableMetadata
2013-03-24  Aleksey YeschenkoFollow-up to CASSANDRA-5052
2013-03-24  Aleksey Yeschenkocli: Quote ks and cf names in schema output when needed
2013-03-22  Jonathan Ellisnewer 5195 patch
2013-03-22  Jonathan EllisUpdate offline scrub for 1.0-> 1.1 directory structure
2013-03-21  jluciani@bluemountai... Add UseTLAB JVM Opt
2013-03-14  Yuki MorishitaFix race when opening ColumnFamilyStore; patch by yukim...
2013-03-13  Aleksey YeschenkoDon't request migrations from 1.2+ nodes
2013-03-11  Jonathan Ellisadd tmp flag to Descriptor hashcode
2013-03-11  Aleksey Yeschenkoninja-kill DatabaseDescriptor.validateMemtableX() leftovers
2013-03-10  Pavel YaskevichNit: fix o.a.c.hadoop.ConfigHelper to return correct...
2013-03-07  Jonathan EllisSYSTEM_KS -> SYSTEM_TABLE for 1.1
2013-03-07  Jonathan Ellisfix DatabaseDescriptor.hasExistingNoSystemTables to...
2013-03-07  Aleksey Yeschenkocqlsh: Add inet type support on Windows (ipv4-only)
2013-03-06  Brandon Williamsforgotten files
2013-03-06  Brandon WilliamsFix unit tests on java7
2013-03-06  Brandon WilliamsTry harder to not let a node flap after the gossip...
2013-02-27  Brandon WilliamsRemove assertion that gossip is active in migration...
2013-02-26  Sylvain LebresneFix possible assertion triggered in SliceFromReadCommand
2013-02-23  Brandon Williamsocd
2013-02-22  Brandon WilliamsAdd nodetool options to repair specific ranges.
2013-02-15  Aleksey Yeschenkocli: Add JMX authentication support
2013-02-15  Dave BrosiusDon't generate compaction statistics if logging isn...
2013-02-12  Sylvain LebresneVersions, news and changelog updates for 1.1.10 release cassandra-1.1.10
2013-02-11  Brandon WilliamsAlways collect hint tombstones.
2013-02-08  Aleksey Yeschenkocqlsh: ninja-fix indentation in Shell constructor
2013-02-01  Yuki Morishitafix nodetool repair not fail on node down; patch by...
2013-02-01  Vijay ParthasarathyCommiting missing imports
2013-02-01  Vijay ParthasarathyAdd to debian package
2013-02-01  Vijay ParthasarathyUnable to start when using Ec2Snitch
2013-01-28  Pavel Yaskevichadd ConfigHelper support for Thrift frame and max messa...
2013-01-25  Brandon WilliamsFix start key/end token validation for wide row iteration.
2013-01-24  Jonathan Ellisfix sstable maxtimestamp forrow deletes andpre-1.1...
2013-01-23  Vijay ParthasarathyFix test failures for CASSANDRA-5175
2013-01-23  Vijay ParthasarathyUnbounded (?) thread growth connecting to an removed...
2013-01-23  Brandon Williamsclarity on max hint window
2013-01-18  Jonathan Ellisfix ConcurrentModificationException in getBootstrapSource
2013-01-18  Yuki Morishitafix test for CASSANDRA-5166
2013-01-18  Yuki Morishitafix saved key cache not loading at startup; patch by...
2013-01-16  Dave Brosiusupdate changes.txt for 5109
2013-01-16  Dave Brosiusconvert default marshallers list to map for better...
2013-01-15  Vijay ParthasarathyMake-Ec2Region-s-datacenter-name-configurable
2013-01-15  Brandon Williamsremove gms cruft
2013-01-15  Brandon WilliamsDetect memory for heap sizing on OSX.
2013-01-14  Sylvain LebresneUpdate version for 1.1.9 release cassandra-1.1.9
2013-01-14  Brandon Williamsmore fixes
2013-01-14  Brandon Williamsfix tests after 5135
2013-01-14  Brandon WilliamsCalculate pending ranges asynchronously.
2013-01-11  Yuki Morishitabetter handling for amid compaction failure; patch...
2013-01-11  Yuki Morishitafix get_count returns incorrect value with TTL; patch...
2013-01-11  Aleksey YeschenkoFix CQL3 BATCH authorization caching
2013-01-10  Jonathan Ellisre-allow wrapping ranges for start_token/end_token...
2013-01-10  Yuki MorishitaFix user defined compaction; patch by yukim reviewed...
2013-01-09  Jonathan Elliscleanup
2013-01-08  Yuki MorishitaShow progress on nodetool repair command; patch by...
2013-01-07  Jonathan EllisSimplify CompressedRandomAccessReader to work around...
2013-01-04  Brandon WilliamsUpdate news for 4880
2013-01-04  Brandon WilliamsCorrectly decode row keys in widerow mode.
2013-01-04  Brandon WilliamsFix MoveTest.
2013-01-04  Brandon WilliamsFix misspelling of 'positives'
2012-12-27  Jonathan Ellisimprove validation for start key, end token ranges
2012-12-27  Jonathan EllisImprove handling a changing target throttle rate mid...
2012-12-24  Jonathan Ellisformatting
2012-12-20  Sylvain LebresneDon't expire columns sooner than they should with 2ndar...