descriptionApache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 25 Apr 2015 08:11:24 +0000 (10:11 +0200)
38 hours ago Tyler HobbsOHCProvider doesn't write ByteBuffers with non-zero... trunk
2 days ago Josh McKenzieFollowup for CASSANDRA-9104 - remove redundant recover...
2 days ago Marcus ErikssonMake CompactionAwareWriterTest work with compression
2 days ago Dave Brosiusremove dead code
3 days ago Dave Brosiuso.a.c.u.NoSpamLoggerTest uses slf4j's SubstituteLogger...
4 days ago Joshua McKenzieFix various unit-test failures
4 days ago Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into trunk
4 days ago Tyler HobbsFix write meter for cqlsh COPY TO cassandra-2.1
4 days ago Sylvain LebresneMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into trunk
4 days ago Jeff JirsaFix deleting from an empty list
4 days ago Dave Brosiussimplify
4 days ago Dave Brosiuspush down allocations to where they are needed
5 days ago Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into trunk
5 days ago Tyler HobbsFix whitespace, unused imports and variables in cqlsh
5 days ago Tyler HobbsMerge branch 'cassandra-2.1' into trunk
5 days ago blererUpdate tuple types when nested UDT is altered
4 days ago cassandra-2.1.5-tentative
3 weeks ago cassandra-2.0.14 Apache Cassandra Release 2.0.14
3 weeks ago cassandra-2.1.4 Apache Cassandra 2.1.4 Release
5 weeks ago cassandra-2.0.13 Apache Cassandra 2.0.13 release
2 months ago cassandra-2.1.3 Apache Cassandra 2.1.3 release
3 months ago cassandra-2.0.12 Apache Cassandra 2.0.12 release
5 months ago cassandra-2.1.2 Apache Cassandra 2.1.2 release
6 months ago cassandra-2.0.11 Apache Cassandra 2.0.11 release
6 months ago cassandra-2.1.1 Apache Cassandra 2.1.1 release
7 months ago cassandra-1.2.19 Apache Cassandra 1.2.19 release
7 months ago cassandra-2.1.0-deb
7 months ago cassandra-2.1.0 Apache Cassandra 2.1.0 release
7 months ago cassandra-2.1.0-rc7 Apache Cassandra 2.1.0-rc7 release
8 months ago cassandra-2.0.10 Apache Cassandra 2.0.10 release
8 months ago cassandra-2.1.0-rc6 Apache Cassandra 2.1.0-rc6 release
8 months ago cassandra-2.1.0-rc5 Apache Cassandra 2.1.0-rc5 release
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4 days ago cassandra-2.1.5
4 days ago cassandra-2.1
5 days ago cassandra-2.0
7 months ago cassandra-1.2
19 months ago cassandra-1.1
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