descriptionApache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 20 Oct 2017 23:44:22 +0000 (16:44 -0700)
39 hours ago  Malcolm TaylorFix some alerts raised by static analysis ( trunk
2 days ago  Varun GuptaAdd nodetool cmd to print hinted handoff window
2 days ago  Jeff JirsaUpdate lib/sigar-bin/ for...
4 days ago  Jon HaddadAdded documentation for memtable_flush_period_in_ms
4 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoSwitch to CRC32 for sstable metadata checksums
5 days ago  Jason BrownMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
5 days ago  Jason BrownUpdate jackson JSON jars cassandra-3.11
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoDon't let users drop or generally break tables in syste... cassandra-3.0
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
5 days ago  Aleksey YeschenkoProvide a JMX call to sync schema with local storage
11 days ago  Alex PetrovAdd result set metadata to prepared statement MD5 hash...
11 days ago  Michael ShulerMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
11 days ago  Michael ShulerUpdate version to 3.11.2
11 days ago cassandra-3.11.1 Apache Cassandra 3.11.1 release
11 days ago cassandra-3.0.15 Apache Cassandra 3.0.15 release
2 weeks ago cassandra-2.2.11 Apache Cassandra 2.2.11 release
2 weeks ago cassandra-2.1.19 Apache Cassandra 2.1.19 release
3 months ago cassandra-2.2.10 Apache Cassandra 2.2.10 release
3 months ago cassandra-2.1.18 Apache Cassandra 2.1.18 release
3 months ago cassandra-3.11.0 Apache Cassandra 3.11.0 release
3 months ago cassandra-3.0.14 Apache Cassandra 3.0.14 release
6 months ago cassandra-3.0.13 Apache Cassandra 3.0.13 release
7 months ago cassandra-3.0.12 Apache Cassandra 3.0.12 release
7 months ago cassandra-3.0.11 Apache Cassandra 3.0.11 release
7 months ago cassandra-2.2.9 Apache Cassandra 2.2.9 release
7 months ago cassandra-2.1.17 Apache Cassandra 2.1.17 release
8 months ago cassandra-3.10 Apache Cassandra 3.10 release
11 months ago cassandra-3.0.10 Apache Cassandra 3.0.10 release
12 months ago cassandra-2.1.16 Apache Cassandra 2.1.16 release
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