descriptionApache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 16 Oct 2018 22:47:40 +0000 (18:47 -0400)
5 days ago  Ariel WeisbergUpgrade to 4.0 fails with NullPointerException trunk
6 days ago  Blake EgglestonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
6 days ago  Blake EgglestonMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11 cassandra-3.11
6 days ago  Blake EgglestonLegacy sstables with multi block range tombstones... cassandra-3.0
6 days ago  Aleksey YeshchenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
6 days ago  Aleksey YeshchenkoMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
6 days ago  Aleksey YeshchenkoExpand range tombstone validation checks to multiple...
7 days ago  Stefan PodkowinskiDocs: update patch acceptance policies for existing...
7 days ago  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk
7 days ago  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-3.0' into cassandra-3.11
7 days ago  Stefan PodkowinskiMerge branch 'cassandra-2.2' into cassandra-3.0
10 days ago  Alex PetrovAvoid running query to self through messaging service
11 days ago  pksivarAllow using custom script for chronicle queue BinLog...
13 days ago  Alex PetrovAdd tests for RepairJob
13 days ago  Stefan PodkowinskiUse new docker image for CircleCI builds cassandra-2.2
2018-10-08  Jay ZhuangCreate Temporary folder for CompressedInputStreamTest
2 months ago cassandra-3.11.3 Apache Cassandra 3.11.3 release
2 months ago cassandra-3.0.17 Apache Cassandra 3.0.17 release
2 months ago cassandra-2.2.13 Apache Cassandra 2.2.13 release
8 months ago cassandra-3.11.2 Apache Cassandra 3.11.2 release
8 months ago cassandra-3.0.16 Apache Cassandra 3.0.16 release
8 months ago cassandra-2.2.12 Apache Cassandra 2.2.12 release
8 months ago cassandra-2.1.20 Apache Cassandra 2.1.20 release
12 months ago cassandra-3.11.1 Apache Cassandra 3.11.1 release
12 months ago cassandra-3.0.15 Apache Cassandra 3.0.15 release
12 months ago cassandra-2.2.11 Apache Cassandra 2.2.11 release
12 months ago cassandra-2.1.19 Apache Cassandra 2.1.19 release
15 months ago cassandra-2.2.10 Apache Cassandra 2.2.10 release
15 months ago cassandra-2.1.18 Apache Cassandra 2.1.18 release
15 months ago cassandra-3.11.0 Apache Cassandra 3.11.0 release
15 months ago cassandra-3.0.14 Apache Cassandra 3.0.14 release
18 months ago cassandra-3.0.13 Apache Cassandra 3.0.13 release
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6 days ago cassandra-3.11
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13 days ago cassandra-2.2
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