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last changeTue, 17 Jul 2018 09:59:41 +0000 (15:29 +0530)
18 hours ago  Jaikiran PaiMerge branch '1.9.x' master
18 hours ago  Karl JansenUpdate manual for subject alternative name attribute... 1.9.x
45 hours ago  Jaikiran PaiRemove unintentional "echo" in test case for "sourcefil...
47 hours ago  Jaikiran PaiMerge 1.9.x branch
47 hours ago  Jaikiran PaiMention the support for SubjectAlternativeName in gener...
47 hours ago  Karl JansenAdd support for SAN extension in GenerateKey task
4 days ago  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.10.5' and prepare next iteration
4 days ago  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
4 days ago  Stefan Bodewigmerge rel/1.9.13 and prepare next iteration
7 days ago  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC1 of Ant 1.10.5 ANT_1.10.5_RC1 rel/1.10.5
8 days ago  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
8 days ago  Stefan Bodewigfix link
10 days ago  Jaikiran PaiMerge branch '1.9.x' branch into master
10 days ago  Jaikiran PaiRevert "Trailing whitespace"
10 days ago  Jaikiran PaiRevert "Trailing whitespace (cherry-pick 2f64e0b)"
12 days ago  Jaikiran PaiAdd javadoc to CommandLineJava for source-file executio...
4 days ago rel/1.10.5 Tagging version 1.10.5 of Ant
4 days ago rel/1.9.13 Tagging version 1.9.13 of Ant
7 days ago ANT_1.10.5_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.10.5...
8 days ago ANT_1.9.13_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.9.13...
3 weeks ago rel/1.10.4 Tagging version 1.9.12 of Ant
3 weeks ago rel/1.9.12 Tagging version 1.9.12 of Ant
4 weeks ago ANT_1.10.4_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.10.4...
4 weeks ago ANT_1_9_12_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.9.12...
3 months ago rel/1.10.3 Tagging version 1.10.3 of Ant
3 months ago rel/1.9.11 Tagging version 1.9.11 of Ant
3 months ago ANT_1.10.3_RC2 Tagging RC2 for version 1.10.3...
3 months ago ANT_1_10_3_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.10.3...
3 months ago ANT_1_9_11_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.9.11...
5 months ago rel/1.9.10 Tagging version 1.9.10 of Ant
5 months ago rel/1.10.2 Tagging version 1.10.2 of Ant
5 months ago ANT_1.10.2_RC1 Tagging RC1 for version 1.10.2...
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